Set of 2 x Rhinestone Bikini Connectors - Twisty Style (014)

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Product Overview

Set of 2 x crystal bikini connectors:

  • Twisty style crystal bikini connectors with diamonte rhinestones on a silver colored metal setting
  • Excellent quality and strength, custom made for MuscleDazzle. Includes a backing chain to reinforce strength and minimize chance of breakage.
  • Length of each bikini connector is: 16cm (6.3 inches) from end to end
  • Can be used on bikini tops and or bikini bottoms. Suitable for model bikinis, fitness bikinis, figure suits and other competition bikinis.
  • Yes, we ship worldwide, including Australia, Canada, UK, USA, NZ and EU


Important Note:

Our bikini connectors have been custom made for use with our bikinis, with a strength and quality to give you peace of mind. However, you must always avoid putting excessive strain or force on any connectors, and avoid actions that will unduly stretch them, such as sitting down or bending over to do up shoes. Also, ensure the bikini connectors are not twisted or folded when storing your competition bikini.

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