Welcome to our diva bikini collection! All our diva bikinis are suitable for WBFF 'Diva Bikini Model' and 'Diva Fitness Model' competitions, as well as other Federations that allow more elaborate theme wear bikinis or couture competition suits.

Our bikini diva competition suits are custom made based on your height, bust size, expected competition weight and some measurements we ask for once you've placed your order. Remember... our prices include everything!  We do not charge extra for: larger cup sizes, removable extra padding, connectors or shipping (worldwide). Let us know if you have any questions! It doesn't matter if its your first Miss Bikini Diva competition or you're a Pro... we're here to help!

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Make your own sizzling fashion statement! A WBFF style competition bikini featuring light gold, pink and green crystals and rhinestones with chains and lace on a mint green fabric. Suitable for WBFF 'Diva Bikini Model' and 'Diva Fitness Model'...
Exceptional design and crystal work. This light green diva competition bikini features clear, light pink and light green crystals, as well as pearls and intricate lace on a light green fabric. Suitable for WBFF 'Diva Bikini Model' and 'Diva Fitness...