What Makes Muscle Dazzle So Different?

We are proud of our ‘no nonsense’ approach to service and quality that keeps so many of our clients coming back.

  • Amazing value! We seriously offer the best quality bikinis and figure suits anywhere at the lowest prices youll find. Furthermore, we back it up with real service that will help you through the whole process.
  • No hidden extra costs. Our free shipping option applies anywhere in the world. And we also DO NOT charge any extra for: connectors; extra padding (removable); molded cup bikini tops; scrunch bikini bottoms; or late orders. This way you can see upfront what price youll pay.
  • Rest assured… If theres a problem with your bikini competition suit, we’ll do whatever we can to fix it! Problems don’t happen often, but you can relax when you order from us knowing that we really do stand behind our products 100%.
  • We’re here to help. If you ever have any questions… find us online at facebook.com/MuscleDazzle or our Contact Us page. It doesn’t matter if youre a first time bikini competitor or a pro we’re always happy to chat.

Our Testimonial page gives you a real sense of the feedback we receive from our many customers.


So What Is Included In The Price?

All our custom made figure suits, competition bikinis and crystal bikinis include: extra padding for the bikini tops, your choice of bikini connectors and our free delivery option. If youre in a hurry you can upgrade the shipping service to DHL for an additional cost. This delivery upgrade is the only additional cost you may incur - everything else is included in the price you see on our website.


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

All our crystal bikinis and crystal figure suits include free DHL shipping worldwide. All other products include a FREE Standard International shipping option (worldwide) with the option to upgrade to DHL shipping for an additional cost, depending on your country.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by either credit card or PayPal. If you are unable to pay with one of these methods then we can also accept Western Union. You will need to contact us first in order to pay with Western Union.


When Should I order my posing suit?

Generally we recommend ordering about 7 weeks out from your competition, however, it does depend on how confident you are in achieving your expected stage weight. Because competition bikinis and figure suits need to fit on the day of your competition (rather than when you order) we need to carefully consider your expected stage weight. see more...


When Will My Order Be Delivered? 

You can use the following timeframes as a rough guide, but please note that they do vary, especially at the busier times of the season. For Crystal Bikinis and Figure Suits: expected delivery is 4 weeks from when you place the order. For Ready Made Bikinis and Figure Suits; Undecorated Custom Bikinis; Connectors: expected delivery is about 2.5 weeks. We do offer an upgrade to DHL. To see our current expected delivery times... click here


What if my figure suit / bikini doesn't fit?

If you have a problem with your competition bikini or figure suit, we’ll do whatever we can to fix it! Problems don’t happen often, but you can relax when you order from us knowing that we really do stand behind our products.

Our pre-made posing suits and bikinis should also fit if your sizing matches the specifications provided with the suit. However, if you are not happy with the sizing for any reason, you should notify us via email and send the suit / bikini back at your own expense and we will refund the cost once we receive it.


I live in the EU, who pays for Customs Duties / VAT?

Good news for EU customers: We will pay for ALL Customs Duties and VAT applicable to your order! And we take care of all the paperwork... so you dont need to worry about anything!


Do You Deliver to My Country?

Yes, we deliver to all countries. Our free shipping option also applies to all countries, but the cost of upgrading to DHL shipping can vary slightly between countries.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we no longer ship to Russia due to reliability issues with standard mail and the fact that all courier companies (Fedex, DHL etc) have suspended shipments of personal goods into Russia for individuals due to stricter customs procedures. We apologise for the inconvenience. 


Can I Track My Order?

Yes, once we've sent your order we will provide you with a tracking number and link so you can check the progress of your order.


Do you provide 'Rush Order' service?

Unfortunately we are currently not accepting orders for shows that are less than 6 weeks away. We do not currently offer a rush order service.


Can I pay an upfront deposit and the rest on completion? 

We no longer offer the option to pay an upfront deposit. We now require full payment upfront. Please see the following question for our refund policy. 


Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

We understand that sometimes you are unable to compete for various reasons or you no longer require the figure suit / bikini. Please notify us in writing (you can send us a message HERE) if you wish to cancel your order. 

For Crystal Bikinis and Figure Suits:

  1. If you cancel your order before we start the crystal work then we will refund 100% of your payment.
  2. If you cancel your order after we start the crystal work (but before we finish your bikini) then we will refund 75% of your payment.
  3. If you cancel your order after we complete your suit then we will ship your order and retain the full payment.

We will notify you in writing when we have started the crystal work on your suit and when we have finished your suit. 

For Undecorated (ie Non Crystal) Bikinis and Figure Suits:

  1. If you cancel your order before we complete your suit then we will refund 100% of your payment.
  2. If you cancel your order after we complete your suit then we will ship your order and retain the full payment.

We will notify you in writing when we have finished your suit. 


Can You Make Your Figure Suit Designs as Crystal Bikinis?

Yes, any of our figure suit designs can be made as crystal bikinis. The bottoms will be made in competition bikini style, ie with connectors. The cost is about 15% less because there is less crystal work required on the bikini bottoms due to the connectors. Please have a look at our crystal bikini collection to see if we have already included a bikini version of the design you want. If you cant find it, please contact us and we will include it for you.


Can You Make Your Crystal Bikini Designs as Figure Suits?

Yes, any of our crystal bikini designs can be made as figure suits. The bottoms will changed to figure suit style, ie without connectors. The cost is about 15% higher because there is more crystal work required on the bikini bottoms, and the bottoms are also more difficult to make. Please have a look at our figure suit collection to see if we have already included a figure suit version of the design you want. If you cant find it, please contact us and we will include it for you.


Do You Use Swarovski Crystals?

No, we do not use genuine Swarovski crystals. Over the years we have tried and tested a large number of different crystals (including Swarovski) are we are very happy that our current crystal suppliers provide an excellent quality product at a cost that allows us to keep our prices to a minimum. Due to the large amount of crystals that many of our bikinis and figure suits use, the extra cost of using Swarovski crystals would require us to double our prices in many cases. We believe our bikinis and figure suits provide absolutely the best value option ANYWHERE: beautiful designs - amazing crystal work - high quality crystals - truly low prices.   


What type of Crystals Do You Use? Do They Sparkle?

We use excellent quality flatback crystal rhinestones. And yes, they certainly do sparkle! Please have a look at this SHORT VIDEO video that shows how our bikinis sparkle. 


What are 'AB' crystals?

Some of our crystal bikinis and figure suits use what are known as AB crystals. AB crystals use a special coating that is chemically bonded to the outer surface of the crystals to create a shimmering opal-like finish that truly enhances the sparkle and beauty of the cut crystal. The special AB coating (and the rainbow-like effect created by it) are permanent. AB stands for 'Aurora Borealis' and was jointly developed by Swarovski and Christian Dior in the 1950s.


Do you have Muscle Dazzle coupon codes?

No, we do not use coupon codes on our website. We prefer to keep our prices as low as possible for everyone, rather than just give discounts to those with coupon codes.


I Have A Design Idea In Mind… Can I work With You To Make A Custom Design?

Currently we are not working with clients to create custom designs. We can however change the fabric or crystal palette of our existing designs. We generally recommend clients don’t make changes to the crystal colors as it is always difficult to imagine exactly how it will look when completed.


I’ve Seen Another Seller’s Design That I Like… Can You Make It For Me?

Unfortunately we cant use other bikini maker’s designs. It takes a lot of time and effort to create crystal designs for bikinis and figure suits and we therefore respect their creative work just as we expect others to respect our work.


Will My Muscle Dazzle Bikini / Figure Suit Be OK For The Federation I'm Competing With?

The large number of Federations in the world make it hard for us to keep up with their ever changing rules and regulations, including for bikinis and figure suits.

I can suggest a few ideas to make sure that any bikini you wear on stage will be suitable for that Federation. Firstly, ask your coach or trainer – its likely they have worked with the Federation before and know whats ok and whats not. It also cant hurt to look at pictures from your Federation’s website or facebook page to see what other competitors bikinis look like. This wont tell you their rules, but it might indicate whats acceptable on stage. And last but not least, why not look up the Federation’s rules and regulations, which you’ll most likely find on the their website.


Do You Sponsor Athletes or Competitors?

We are not currently sponsoring any athletes or competitors. If youre interested in getting sponsored please have a look at the following page for tips on getting sponsored as well as the up and downside of sponsorship: www.muscledazzle.com/bikini-competitor-sponsorship/


Crystal Shoes


Can I Wear Crystal Shoes at My Competition? Does My Federation Allow Them?

Our crystal posing shoes are designed to be worn at WBFF competitions. If you are entering a different competition then we suggest you confirm that the Federation allows fully crystalled competition shoes.


How Do I Work Out My Shoe Size?

The size of each pair of shoes is included in the product description. We also provide measurements of each shoe to help confirm your sizing.


Can I Change or Cancel My Shoe Order?

You are welcome to change or cancel your order up until your shoes have been shipped.


What If I Order The Wrong Size Shoes?

If the shoes are not the right size when you receive them then we do allow you to exchange them for a different size (in the same style). You will need to return the original shoes to us in the same condition you received them, with shipping costs being at your expense.


Can I Return The Shoes Once I Receive Them?

We do not allow shoes to be returned if you simply change your mind, or are no longer competing. If the shoes are defective or not as described then we will gladly resolve the problem.


Got more questions?

Ask away on our Contact Us page!