Care Instructions

Please make sure you use gentle or mild detergent to wash your costume. Also try not to use too much detergent. We recommend using half a table spoon of liquid detergent for 2 litres of lukewarm water. More detergent may be required depending on how much tan residue your costume has on it but make sure you start with the recommended quantity.

Mix the recommended amount of detergent and warm water in a bucket. Most of the tan stain should come off right after the first minute of being in the detergent water.

Use soft brush on the inside and use your finger or wet cloth on the outside to remove stains
You may use a soft tooth or nail brush to remove stains on the INSIDE of the costume. On the outside of the suit/bikini/trunk, GENTLY rub only the dirty spot with your finger or a wet cloth. 

If your bikini has crystals... Be extra careful with them
Your costume is both valuable and has lots of delicate crystals on it so please be very careful when trying to clean them. Be as gentle as you can. We use the best quality glue to ensure all crystals are stuck on as securely as possible. However, it is possible that some crystals may come off for various reasons, eg due to the costume being stretched in some areas or crystals may have been forced to move while wearing. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the normal wear and tear of your suit resulting from use of tanning products, oil, makeup or Bikini Bite.

Rinse thoroughly in a bucket full of warm water
Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water and blot dry between two towels gently and lay flat to dry.

Store your suit in a dry box
Make sure your costume is completely dry before wrapping it loosely with soft tissue paper (such as the tissue paper that came with your suit originally, or alternatively paper towels). Store your costume in a box (could be a shoe box) until your next show. We don't recommend hanging your costume in your wardrobe due to moisture and dust that could get on it while waiting for the next use.