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Middle Connector for Bikini Top - Ladder Style (104)

  • 'Ladder' style middle connector comprising diamonte crytals on a silver colored metal setting
  • Top quality and strength, custom made for MuscleDazzle
  • Small end loops so they fit the width of bikini straps perfectly
  • Dimensions: 3.1cm wide x 1.3cm high (1.2" wide x 0.5" high)
  • Suitable for model bikinis, fitness bikinis or figure suits


Important Note:

*Our bikini connectors have been custom made for use with our bikinis, with a strength and quality to give you peace of mind. However, please be reminded that you must always avoid putting excessive strain or force on any connectors, and avoid actions that will unduly stretch them. Also, ensure the connectors are not twisted when storing your bikini.

Middle Connector for Bikini Top - Ladder Style (104) Reviews

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