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Red Swarovski Competition Bikini (CB551SW)


A Red hot bikini for the stage!

  • A beautifully bright red competition bikini with evenly spaced sparkly AB Swarovski crystal rhinestones.
  • We will work with you to create a fully custom made crystal bikini of unsurpassed quality and beauty. Hand crystalled with genuine Swarovski crystals.
  • Sizing is based on information and measurements we will request after you purchase the bikini. To ensure it fits the way you want we make a draft bikini first (with no crystals) so you can provide feedback on the fit / sizing before we create the final crystal bikini. The draft suit is yours to keep.
  • Every Swarovski Competition Bikini includes your choice of: bikini top style (molded cup, drawstring or push up underwire); bikini bottom style and coverage level; and bikini connectors.
  • We use DHL to ship your bikini, so you can track your delivery once we send it.
  • Please contact us with any questions via our Contact Us page or at facebook.com/MuscleDazzle
  • If you would like an information pack that explains in more detail how the ordering and bikini making process works for our Swarovski competition bikinis... click  HERE.
  • Please note: the photos here are of our non-Swarovski version of this bikini. The Swarovski version is exactly the same design but uses genuine Swarovski crystals.

Red Swarovski Competition Bikini (CB551SW) Reviews

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