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Royal Blue Hologram Sequin Competition Bikini (SQ17)

  • Royal Blue hologram sequin fabric (super sparkly on stage)
  • Molded cup bikini top and butterfly / scrunch back bikini bottom, with your choice of top and bottom connectors.  ***The model is wearing 3 Rows Connectors ***
  • This bikini will be custom made for you based on your height, bust size and expected comp weight. Free Shipping worldwide!
  • No extra costs. The price above includes shipping, connectors and extra padding (removable).

Please note that the hologram sequin fabric is generally thicker than foil fabric. You might feel that the bikini is slightly tighter and rigid when wearing. Please also refer to Care Instructions in order to maintain the brightness of the material and accessories.

Any questions? Send us a message on our Contact Us page or facebook.com/MuscleDazzle.


Royal Blue Hologram Sequin Competition Bikini (SQ17) Reviews

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