Rush fees

If your show is less than 4 weeks out, please contact us first before placing your order. Once we have confirmed we can accommodate your request then place your order as soon as possible. There is a $50 rush fees applied PER BIKINI / FIGURE SUIT SET.

Rush order process (less than 3 weeks timeline)

  • Step 1: Contact us with the details of your order once you've decided to purchase a suit.
  • Step 2: We review your requirement and our workload at the time and send you a confirmation.
  • Step2: Place an order of the suit AND a Rush Order Package once you've received a confirmation from us. If you forgot to include the rush package order with your suit order, we'll contact you to make a purchase before we can proceed with processing your suit order.

It is very important that you are being communicative especially the beginning of the ordering process and provide us with the information we need to get the work on your suit started as soon as possible. This is to make sure that your suit will be delivered in time for your show.

Fees on changes in the details of your order

We understand that you may sometimes need to make changes to your order. If you wish to make changes to the details of your order, you need to contact us as soon as possible and discuss the changes as they may be fees and charges that need to be paid for before the changes can happen.

Please also be noted that changes to your suit will also delay the scheduled ship date of your order.

Fee amount varies, depending on how much work we've done on your suit. Please refer to the table below for more details.

What to do if you'd like to make changes to your order

  • Step 1: Notify us with your order number. It also makes it easier to identify you and your order if you write to us using the same email address you used with your purchase.

  • Step 2: We'll assess your changes and let you know if the changes can be done and still be delivered in time for your show.

  • Step 3: Once confirm that the changes can be made, we hold of the work on your order and send you an invoice for the fee amount (detail below). We then start working on the changes once the payment is clear.

Change to top and/or bottom

Examples of the changes are change of style, bottom cuts, coverage amount, size of the suit, or even type of suit (e.g., from bikini to figure suit bottom. These changes mean a complete re-make of your suit top (or bottoms).

Status of your orderFees
Sewing work has not started Nil
Change of top or bottom style once the sewing pattern is made and the fabric is cut and ready to be sewn. $20
Any change once the suit has been sewn into a finished suit 20% of purchase price
Any change once crystal work has started 50% of purchase price
The crystal work has completed No changes possible

Change of connectors on custom-made suits

Most of our crystals bikinis/figure suits is completely covered with crystals. For this reason, connectors are attached to the suit before we start decorating it with crystals. To change the connectors, crystal work on the stitching areas needs to be removed and redone again once we've changed the connectors. Extra charges will apply and are to be paid in full before we work on your request. To avoid this unnecessary charges, make sure you choose your connectors carefully before ordering.

Type of connectorsFees
Top or bottom connectors only $25
Middle connector only $10
Top and bottom connectors $40
The entire set (Top, bottom and middle connectors) $45

** Please noted that the fee amount is in US dollars.

Change of crystal design or fabric on custom-made suits.

We recommend that you discuss the changes on the the existing design before placing the order. However, if you changed your mind after the order has already been placed, some fees and charges below will apply.

Status of your orderFees
Fabric change before sewing work starts Nil
Fabric change after the suit has been made and ready for crystal work $60
Crystal color change before crystal work starts Nil
Fabric change after crystal work starts No changes possible
Crystal color or design change after crystal work has started No changes possible