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Silicone Bra Pads / Breast Enhancers (AC107)


These deluxe Silicone Breast Enhancers are the perfect way to create a beautiful, natural looking cleavage to replace what you've lost during comp prep. They come in a pair, available in 3 colors.

Unlike bra inserts made from other materials, silicone bra inserts mold to the natural shape of your breast. Their weight makes you feel like they are part of your body.

Easy to use with your competition suit or an everyday bra:

1. Take the thicker portion of the silicone bra insert, this will go towards the bottom of your bra, and slightly towards the armpit side of your boobs and the thinner part of the enhancer will go towards the top of the bra.

2. All you have to do is insert the them into the bra or the pockets that come with your bikini, near the bottom of your breasts and adjust it so that it fits discreetly inside your bra/bikini.

3. This is important! Adjust your bra strap if necessary so that the bra insert feels safe and snug inside your bra/bikini.

4. Do a "jump test" or "jiggle test" in the mirror to ensure that they are in place properly. Basically, just jump up and down to make sure that they stay in place. Reposition as needed, for best results.



- Weight: 0.6lbs (270 grams) per pair.

- Width: 4.7" (12.0cm).  Height: 4.1" (10.5cm). Thickness: 1.2" (3.0cm) at the thickest part.

- Available in 3 colors. We recommend using the color that's closest to the inside of the bra / bikini you're wearing for a seamless look. If you're not sure, go for clear ones, as these will be most versatile.


Silicone Bra Pads / Breast Enhancers (AC107) Reviews

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