Every girl knows that the minute your Muscle Dazzle Competition Suit arrives, you'll want to check yourself out but - depending on how soon your competition day is - it may not fit you... yet! That's why we designed our Bikini Practice Posing Suits.

Our Practice Posing Suits are specially designed to replicate the feel of your Competition Bikini but also include an adjustable waistline and strap length. This means your Practice Posing Suit will fit perfectly every day, so you're free to refine your poses right up until competition day as you lose (or gain) weight.

Posing Practice Bikini

"Your own choice of cut, coverage, fabric and connectors."

Our Bikini Practice Posing Suits are custom-made based on the measurements we ask you for. You can choose any of the fabrics on the Bikini Practice Posing Suit order form and your preferred cut, style, coverage level and choice of connectors.


Why Do I Need A Bikini
Practice Posing Suit?

The key benefit of our Bikini Practice Posing Suit is that both the bikini top and bottom are adjustable. Swimwear bikinis feel, move and behave differently to competition bikinis; therefore we highly recommend you wear a purpose-built competition bikini for learning your poses, flexes and moves. It is also a good idea to get used to wearing a competition bikini if you've never worn one before.

Why Shouldn't I Practice
In A Competition Suit?

Though you'll be dying to check yourself out in your competition bikini, we don't recommend posing in your show day bikini because, like all clothes, it may suffer some wear and tear. Also, if you're still looking to lose weight before your competition, you may be putting extra strain on the bikini, particularly the connectors. Last but not least, Bikini Practice Posing Suits are specially designed so you can easily give us feedback on how your sizing is tracking as you get closer to competition day.


How Do Bikini Practice Posing Suits Work?

Adjustable Waistline

Adjustable Posing Practice Bikini

The bikini bottom waistline can be adjusted by simply moving the hook position to make the waistline bigger or smaller. This means, if you go on to purchase a custom bikini from us, the sizing process will be more accurate because you can tell us which button currently fits best (e.g. Loop #3) and where you expect to be by show day (e.g. Loop #2).

Adjustable Space Between Cups

Adjustable Posing Practice Bikini Adjustable Posing Practice Bikini

The amount of space between the cups of the suit top can be adjusted using the same mechanism as the waistline adjustment. As you lose weight, you may lose fat around your boobs as well. Using the extra padding provided in combination with adjusting the space between the cups, you are able to work out how far apart the cups look best on you. This information will help when you order your show day suit.

Pockets for Extra Padding

Adjustable Posing Practice Bikini with Extra Padding

All Muscle Dazzle suit tops come with pockets for extra padding as well as soft padding material that you can remove or adjust to suit your need.

Adjustable Back Strap

Adjustable Posing Practice Bikini  with Adjustable Back Strap

The back straps come with an adjuster ring similar to those used on bra straps. This allows you to adjust the length of the strap to suit your needs as your body changes towards show day.


How to order a bikini posing practice suit

Simply click the button below to place your order for a bikini posing practice suit. After your order is submitted, you'll receive an email with a list of information we need to make your practice suit.

If you'd like us to make your custom competition bikini, please contact us a few weeks out from your show, and we can create your custom bikini based on the sizing details from your bikini practice suit.