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Blue Figure Competition Suit (FS320)


Shine baby, shine!

  • This figure suit design features a gorgeous selection of blue AB crystals, 100% crystalled by hand.
  • Fully custom made based on info and measurements we will request after you purchase the suit. We will also ask for your choice of connectors and preferred coverage level.
  • This figure suit includes: Molded cup suit top; fully lined bottoms, decorated strap and your choice of coverage level for the suit bottom.
  • No hidden costs! Price includes: free shipping option (worldwide), extra removable padding and your choice of connectors. Also, no extra cost for larger cup sizes.

Message us if you have any questions at all on our Contact Us page or facebook.com/MuscleDazzle

Blue Figure Competition Suit (FS320) Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Blue Figure Suit Rocks!

Posted by Jami Schmid on 11th Jul 2019

This suit fits me like a glove! I couldn’t be more pleased with how I look! I can’t wait to wear it onstage.


Posted by Andrea on 2nd May 2017

I fell in love when I saw this suit on the site. So I went ahead and purchased it to use on my first figure competition. And wow! The suit is even more fabulous and beautiful in person! I know Ill be rocking the best suit on stage! ;)