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Captain America Figure Competition Suit (FS225)

  • Custom made based on your height, bust size and forecast competition weight.
  • Once you have submitted your order, we will be in contact to confirm your sizing information.
  • No hidden costs! Price includes: free shipping option (worldwide), extra removeable padding and connectors. Also, no extra cost for larger cup sizes.

Message me if you have any questions at all on our Contact Us page or facebook.com/MuscleDazzle


Captain America Figure Competition Suit (FS225) Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Captain America suit

Posted by Cassandra Dean on 2nd Dec 2017

Captain America is my favorite superhero. I was a little nervous not being able to try it on during the process but when it came in, it fit perfect. So I'm super glad they're very specific and particular about the measurements.

Captain america suit

Posted by Izabela Comanescu on 8th Sep 2017

I absolutely adore it. It fits like a glove. And OMG how it shines. I can not wait to wear it on stage. Thank you sooo much