Wellness Suit Cuts & Styles

Wellness Suit Top Styles

The Wellness division is relatively new. The conditioning expected for Wellness competitors is generally the same as for the Bikini competitors, with the main difference being the muscle development in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas required.
Competition Wellness Suit top in molded cup style

Molded Cups

The molded cup is made from fixed shape and curved foam cups and come with built-in pockets for extra padding . Moulded cups are very comfortable to wear and provide lots of support, whether your bust is natural or you have implants.

If you have a natural bust, a molded cup can enhance your bust by up to 2 cup sizes by using additional padding. The correct amount of padding will make you look naturally full.

Competition bikini top in triangle drawstring style

Triangle Drawstring

Adjustable drawstring bikini top are popular amongst girls with implants. The coverage level and shape of the cup can be adjusted at the base of the cup to achieve your preferred shape and coverage. They also allow you to adjust the space between cups.

Competition bikini in underwire cup style


Traditionally, underwire bras have been a reliable solution for providing support and lift. However, the way competition suits are made in underwire cup, they don't work quite the same way they do in bras. When breasts lost a significant amount of volume, they can present some challenges in fitting comfortably within the underwire cups. This is mainly due to the gap between the straps (below armpits)

Competition suit top differ from regular underwire bras as they don't have fabric covering the triangle gap. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to a portion of breast tissue escaping through the gap. Unless you have implants or firm or small breasts, molded cups are better solutions for those who need support and enhancement.


Wellness Suit Bottom Styles

Welness suit bottom in Bikini style.

Bikini Style (With Connectors)

The Bikini Style Wellness Suit bottom features deep scoop cut front with hip connectors and scrunched back.   It is also made to be worn with high sides to resemble a V-Taper overall look that fits with the standard style required by the NPC, IFBB and similar leagues. 

Hybrid or Russian Style Wellness Suit Bottom

Hybrid (Without Connectors)

The Hybrid Wellness Suit bottom features a V-Center-Front with no connectors, and scrunched back. It is also made to be worn with high sides to resemble a V-Taper overall look that fits with the standard style required by the NPC, IFBB and similar leagues.


Wellness Suit  Bottom Coverage

One of the most important elements to consider when ordering your competition suit is the level of coverage on the back of your suit bottom. Some federations insist upon 50% back coverage, so make sure you check with your federation or promoter before ordering. It may be a good idea to also ask if there are any other rules you should know about.

Approx. 20% Coverage
Approx. 25% Coverage
Approx. 35% Coverage
Approx. 40% Coverage