About Muscle Dazzle

Blue figure competition suit with bottom connectors

Launched in 2010, Muscle Dazzle quickly established itself as the 'go to' bikini and figure suit maker for first timers through to pro athletes.

Muscle Dazzle now produces thousands of bikinis every year, exporting to over 70 countries with offices in the USA, Thailand, and Australia.

A lot has changed since we started, but we still make every suit with the same sense of passion and excitement that we did when we began.

The Muscle Dazzle team now includes dedicated sizing specialists, a design team, day and night customer service, crystal artists, all overseen by our quality control team.

If you have any questions, please send us a message... we would love to hear from you!


Crystal Artists
Expert Tailoring Team
Day & Night Customer Service
Dedicated Sizing Team


Visionary Designer
Expert Design Team
Customized Design Experience
Innovative Leaders in Fashion

10,000+ BIKINIS

70+ Countries
100% Commitment to on-time delivery
3 Global Offices: USA, Australia & Thailand