Muscle Dazzle designs and makes custom-made fitness competition bikinis and figure posing suits for clients around the world.

Muscle Dazzle was founded by Jaew Senta in 2010. After the first year of competing in Figure competitions with the Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Federation, Jaew made a posing suit for a friend.  The first posing suit received lots of positive feedback. In the same year, Jaew was recommended by her friend and made several more posing suits for her competitor friends. Eventually, she decided to start her custom-made posing suit business... Muscle Dazzle.

Since then Muscle Dazzle has gone from strength to strength, rapidly increasing its range of products and designs, without ever compromising its reputation for excellent quality and service.

Since Muscle Dazzle products are custom-made, we can cater for specific requirements you may have. Simply message me with any questions at all on our Contact Us page or at


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