After dedicating years to building our brand and reputation as one of the world's most-trusted competition bikini makers, we've decided to bring the same excellent service to mens' bodybuilding.

When choosing the ideal posing trunks, we understand you need a durable product that is comfortable to wear on stage, showcases your impressive physique, and looks 100% professional. In other words, your ultimate goal when choosing posing trunks is to find the perfect cut.

You've trained long and hard for that physique, so don't let it go to waste by falling at the last hurdle. You deserve only the very best, so let Muscle Dazzle help you showcase the results of all your hard work!

To make sure you look and feel your best, so you can boss that stage, all Muscle Dazzle posing trunks feature:

Muscle Dazzle Posing Trunks are fully lined and made from the best, high-quality fabrics.

  • First-class trackable, worldwide shipping for guaranteed, on-time delivery
  • World-class Customer Service: Muscle Dazzle has spent years becoming a trusted brand to thousands of loyal competitors worldwide.

What is 'THE CAGE'?

What elevates Muscle Dazzle Posing Trunks above the rest?

We've developed a world's first for men's trunks with a built-in pocket on the inside of the pouch and a completely removable, ultra-thin, and ultra-light insert - The Cage.

  • The Cage is super comfortable and easily inserted to help smooth out the front section. You can also remove it if you don't want to use it.
  • Every pair of Muscle Dazzle Posing Trunks come with The Cage included in the price!
Posing Trunks without pouch insert


Posing Trunks with a pouch insert
Posing Trunks with a pouch insert