The ultimate goal when it comes to choosing the right posing trunks the right cut that can showcase your muscularity and look professional on stage. There are many factors that contributes to the 'best posing trunks' and Muscle Dazzle has got it all!!

  • Unique design with 'The Cage' insert for smooth front appearance and modesty (Read about The Cage further down the page)
  • Professional design - our products are tested on real competitors and we are a trusted brand to thousands of competitors around the world.
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Available in 18 different colors
  • Quality fabric and Muscle Dazzle trunks are fully lined.
  • Available in Pro and Full cuts and Regular and Cinch back styles
  • First class fast shipping and trackable
  • On time delivery

'THE CAGE' Explained

Nobody has done it before, the pouch insert, AKA 'The Cage' is a thin and light insert similar shape to boxers' boxes that's inserted into a built-in pocket on the inside of the pouch of your trunk.

Remove it if you don't want to use it. The Cage helps smooth out the front for modestly. It's super comfortable to wear and helps keeping the shape look smooth and not attracting attention down there.

All Muscle Dazzle Trunks come with 'The Cage' without extra charges!

Posing Trunks without pouch insert


Posing Trunks with a pouch insert
Posing Trunks with a pouch insert