Bikini tops - 3 different cup styles

We are offering 3 different cup styles, each is suitable for different bust shapes and sizes. Please note that not all crystal designs are available in all cup styles. Please read the product description carefully or contact us when you are in doubt.

Muscle Dazzle Bikini Bottom - Brazilian Cut


Moulded cup for support, comfort & shape

Our signature moulded cup is comfortable to wear with lots of support whether you have natural bust or implants. The shape and size of the cup is fixed. They are the most suitable for girls with natural bust who need extra padding as you can achive up to 2 cup size extra with extra padding. The right amount of padding will make you look naturally full. We are the only company that asks for off-season bra-cup size because we aim to give you back the curve you had.

Read more about moulded cup style.

Muscle Dazzle Bikini Bottom - Brazilian Cut


Adjustable Drawstring for flexibility in shape and preferred coverage level

Adjustable drawstring bikini tops are known to be common amongst girls with implants because of its flexibility. You are able to adjust the coverage level or shape of the cup by adjusting the base of the cup to achieve the shape and size to your preference. It also allows you to adjust the amount of gaps the cups.

We do not recommend this style top if you have natural bust and need extra padding because the cup itself is a lot thinner than moulded cups. It is almost impossible to have extra padding without the padding material showing through and looking naturally full.

Muscle Dazzle Bikini Bottom - Brazilian Cut

Pushup Underwire for shape and support

This style of bikini top provides the same look and feel when putting on as your pushup underwire bras. It is popular for making 'costume' style bikinis. Some competitor prefer to wear them in bikini round.

Please do make sure to check the suitability and the popularity of the cup styles  with the federation you are competing in before making the decision.



Bikini bottom front - 2 different cuts

We are offering 2 different bikini bottom front cuts - Straight and Scoop cuts. If you are unsure, it is best to check with your coach or your federation for rules and restrictions of your costume.



bikini-front-straight.jpg bikini-front-scoop.jpg
Regular front rise and is very common amongst new competitors Extra low cut front. Looks great with very lean body with defined abs definition.


Bikini bottom back - 4 Coverage Levels

There are 3 different coverage levels to the bikini bottoms. Please choose the coverage amount carefully as different federations have different rules and regulation. It is best to check with your coach or your federation for rules and restrictions.



Covering about 20% of cheek


Covering about 30% of cheek
bikini-bottom-back-pro.jpg bikini-back-brazilian.jpg


Covering about 40% of cheek


Covering about 50% of cheek
bikini-back-cheeky.jpg bikini-back-moderate.jpg