Bodybuilding Federations in Australia

How many bodybuilding federations are there?

There are five key bodybuilding federations in Australia:

  • INBA Australia (International Natural Bodybuilding Association)
  • ANB (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding)
  • IFBB Australia (International Federation of Bodybuilding)
  • NABBA / WFF (National Amateur Body-Builders Association / World Fitness Federation); and
  • WNBF Australia (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation).

These organisations also effectively operate as the relevant Australian: fitness competition federations; figure competition federations and bikini competition federations.

Natural Bodybuilding Federations

There are three natural bodybuilding federations in Australia: ANB, INBA and WNBF. In each case the ‘N’ in their name stands for 'Natural', and they aim to run drug free bodybuilding competitions. However, only INBA and ANB use ASADA for their drug testing. Both these federations have banned competitors based on ASADA drug tests.

Non Tested Bodybuilding Federations

There are two non tested bodybuilding federations in Australia: IFBB Australia and NABBA. Some competitors in non-tested bodybuilding shows use substances to enhance their muscular mass or to help with fat loss.

Useful Links

The following list provides links to useful information for each federation, such as: contact details, judging guidelines, divisions, upcoming events and facebook pages.

INBA Australia




IFBB Australia




WNBF Australia

Still haven’t found what youre looking for? Then maybe check out the Australian Armwrestling Federation for something a bit different!

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