What Is A Couture Bikini?

Muscle Dazzle Couture Bikinis are WBFF style bikinis that are designed and created just for you. Our designers will work with you to create something truly special, limited only by your imagination. You could even include matching crystal shoes. Sound interesting? …read on!

So how do I get started?

To start the process we recommend you message us with your thoughts and ideas. We’d love to see any pictures you’d like us to use as inspiration for your bikini (it could be jewelry, a dress or another bikini). You can also briefly describe any specific details you’re thinking of, such as color, style, accessories (choker, wristband, shoulder piece etc).  Providing us with this information helps us understand what you want which makes the design process faster and more effective. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about specific details yet… we can always help!

If everything you send us looks good and you’re ready to proceed then we will ask you to pay for the design phase that we are ready to start on. Also, if you have already read and understood the process and cost, and would like to get the process started now, click the button below to pay for the design fee. We'll be in contact to discuss the full details of your bikini. Otherwise, please read on...

How much will it cost?

The cost of a Couture Bikini comprises two parts:

  1. The cost of the design work. This is a flat fee of 100 that covers the cost of our design team working with you in creating, modifying and approving design sketches. This cost is payable upfront before we start on the design work. If you decide to stop work on your bikini during the design phase then we will refund as much as we can, depending on how much work has been done to date.

  2. The cost of the bikini. Once the design is agreed then we will let you know the price of the bikini. There will be no extra fees or charges in this price. It will be the same price we would normally charge if we had created it ourselves. The best way to estimate the cost of your design is to compare it to the cost of our existing designs. Remember, you are not obliged to purchase the bikini. It’s ok if you change your mind and decide not to proceed. If everything is ok then we will request that you make this payment and then get to work creating your Couture Bikini.

What happens next?

The design phase

  • Before we start the design process we will ask if you have any more design ideas or inspiration that you want us to take into account.

  • The design team will use all the information and inspiration you’ve given us to create an initial concept sketch which will be forwarded to you for review.

  • We will use your detailed feedback to modify and improve the design. To keep the design process moving forward we try to limit the feedback process to 3 rounds.

The approval

  • We will submit a finalized design for your approval. If everything looks good then we can get started making your bikini! We will also calculate the final price at this stage and request payment.

The bikini making stage

  • We will keep you updated as your actual bikini is created. We will also send some photos as we progress, to make sure everything looks exactly as you expect.

  • We’ll also send a final photo when everything is finished. If everything looks right then we’ll send it off with love!

How long does it take?

We generally require a minimum of 8 weeks for a couture bikini order. It is possible to make it happen with less time if you’re able to provide feedback quickly.

Some final thoughts…

I know it can be a difficult decision to order a couture bikini. I would certainly not offer this service unless I had complete confidence in our amazing designers and their work. I can guarantee we will work super hard to bring your ideas to life and create a couture bikini that you adore. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss… we’re always ready to help. :)

If you have read and understood everything, and would like to get the couture diva bikini process started now, click the button below to pay for the design fee. We'll be in contact to discuss the full details of your bikini. 

Go to:  Diva Bikini catalog | FAQs