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Fabric Swatches / Samples


Not sure which fabric to choose for your next bikini or figure suit?

You can see our full range of fabrics here: muscledazzle.com/fabrics

Just note down the code of each fabric you'd like us to send you and write it in 'Fabric Code:' field below. Eg: "P07, G03, GOLD01, BK02 etc". You can choose up to 8 fabrics.

Each swatch is approximately 8cm x 8 cm (3" x 3").

We apologize for charging to send swatches but it is simply to cover the cost of postage and handling. The good news is we do refund this money if you decide to purchase a bikini or figure suit from us! :)

Please note that swatches will be sent by Standard International mail and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive. 

If you need your swatches extra fast then you can upgrade the shipping to DHL Express International which should arrive in 5 days from when you place your order.




Fabric Swatches / Samples Reviews

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Multiple Swatches

Posted by Nat on 3rd Mar 2018

Even though the suits look beautiful on this site, having the actual swatch in hand and able to compare on my actual skin tone is soooo much more helpful in making the right decision to adorn the package I'll be bringing to the stage. It also allowed me to place different colored crystals on each swatch that I like so that there will be no surprises and much less anxiety when I receive my first suit from Muscle Dazzle. What was even more reassuring was the amazing customer service just for some swatches. Clearly no purchase is too small to overlook. Thank you all!!! Can't wait to place my actual order.