Figure/Physique Suit Cuts & Styles

Figure/Physique Suit Top Styles

The Wellness division is relatively new. The conditioning expected for Wellness competitors is generally the same as for the Bikini competitors, with the main difference being the muscle development in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas required.

The molded cup is made from fixed shape and curved foam cups and comes with built-in pockets for extra padding. Molded cups are very comfortable to wear and provide lots of support, whether your bust is natural or you have implants.

If you have a natural bust and have lost most of your body fat around your breast area, we do not recommend the molded cup because they are deep, and you will need to fill the gap with some padding. The cups that have been filled with some padding will become very rigid and won't stay on your chest securely. A triangle drawstring top is more suitable.

Even though the adjustable drawstring bikini top is very popular amongst competitors with implants, we highly recommend this top style if you are nearly flat because it looks more natural than other cup styles. More importantly, it sits on your chest more securely and is less likely to be gaping when you do your side chest pose.


Figure & Physique Suit Bottom Styles


Figure & Physique Suit  Bottom Coverage

One of the most important elements to consider when ordering your competition suit is the level of coverage on the back of your suit bottom. The aim is to show off your strength and to hide your weakness. Even though we specify the fixed percentage of each the coverage levels, if you have a preferred coverage that falls between two of the specified levels, please feel free to let us know.

Approx. 20% Coverage
Approx. 35% Coverage
Approx. 10% Coverage