We ask that once you receive your suit, please try it on right away and see how it fits. Please do not wait until last minute until there is insufficient time for us to get this corrected for you. Once you decide that the suit won't fit you on show day, please contact us within 14 working days upon receiving your suit and/or minimum of 2 weeks out from your show.

When will we re-make the suit for you?

  • We we have made a mistake in making your suit in the wrong design, wrong color or wrong style or anything that didn't follow what you originally stated in your order.

  • Fitting error - As you may be aware, there are so many factors that influence the outcome of the fit of the suit. Some are within our control and some aren't. Once you have told us the stage condition you want to achieve, we both commit to the same goal. When you receive your  suit and decided that it won't fit you on show day, we'd like for you to be patient and work with us to rectify the problems. We are here to help and make sure that you have a suit that fits by your show date!

  • Requests is made within 14 days upon receiving your suit and/or minimum of 2 weeks out from the show date stated in your order. The returned suit has not been worn on stage, is not soiled or appear to have stains. 

When will we not re-make the suit for you?

  • When you did not achieve your target weight (or within a plus/minus 7lbs or about 3kg) specified in your order. However, we can remake the suit (or top/bottom) but you will be charged a price of a new suit/piece.

    It is very difficult to know whether your body weight is going to be where you expected to be especially when you are competing for the first time. The best way to avoid this situation is to keeping us updated of your condition if you think you are not going to meet the expected condition and it is going to affect your bikini/suit size.

    For example, around 3 weeks out, you are still far away from your target weight or you are likely to be smaller than you expected, let us know and we'll ask you to take another measurements and make adjustments to you sizing. You may be charged some fees depending on how far along we've progressed in making your suit but it is still better than receiving the suit that doesn't fit.

  • You decide not to compete in the show you bought the suit for. Instead, you want use the suit for later shows but it doesn't fit. Because the suit is made based on the information provided an on your expected stage condition for a specific show, we cannot alter or remake it for a later show. If you know you will not be competing, please let us know as soon as possible. We can keep your order on hold and make an adjustment for your later show later. Please be noted that there may be extra charges if we need to remake a new top / bottom for you if your expected condition for the later show is going to be different.

  • The suit has been used/worn on stage.

How much time do we require to remake the suit?

We need approximately 2-2.5 weeks to remake a suit and get it shipped to you in time for the show. So, as soon as you recieve your suit, try it on and let us know as soon as possible if there's any fitting issue.

If we really run out of time, we can remake the suit for you for later shows if that you'll be in the same stage condition.

What happens if we need to make you a new top/bottom/suit?

  1. We'll ask you to provide us with specific information with photos of of the issue.
  2. Please get back to us with as much details as you can. Suggestions from your coach would also be helpful. Please also make sure you read the tips/guideline on how to provide specific fitting feedback.
  3. We assess the problem, make an adjustment to your suit and start the making process.
  4. The suit is shipped and you will be given a date of when you should be expecting your re-made suit to arrive.
  5. We send the return address to you to return the suit that doesn't fit.