Teal / Green Competition Bikini (CB799)

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Product Overview

This blue and green competition bikini features a random mix of different sized emerald, turquoise and turquoise AB crystals on a black fabric.

Your bikini will be fully custom-made to fit you on your show day. We will forecast your stage size based on your current measurements and anticipated stage weight. We will guide you through this process after you purchase your bikini.

This competition bikini includes (at no extra cost):

  • Connectors of your choice (see options).
  • Cup style of your choice (see options)
  • Bottom style of your choice (see options)
  • Bottom back coverage level of your choice (see options)
  • Extra padding for the bikini top (removable and adjustable).
  • Adjustable waistline (+ and - 1 inch) with no alterations needed.
  • Adjustable back straps with clasp closure (tie back can also be requested).
  • Scrunch back bikini bottom (fully lined).
  • Hook closures on bikini bottom (to avoid getting tan on the bikini when putting it on).
  • Fully crystalled on the bottom back.

Not sure where to start? Our Ultimate Bikini Buyers Guide covers everything you need to know before placing your order.

Message us if you have any questions at all on our Contact Us page or facebook.com/MuscleDazzle

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