Muscle Dazzle Bikinis

What makes MuscleDazzle bikinis better than others?

Quality Materials

All of our products are made with A grade material and made with quality craftmanship. Please note that different material styles have different thickness and different stretch. The same size bikini / suit / trunk could feel different when wearing. For example, the material used to make sequin bikinis is generally thicker than normal foil material so with the same size bottom, the squin one will feel a little tighter than the others.

Competition Suit Tops

  • Moulded cup for support, comfort and shape
    Moulded cup for support, comfort & shape
    Our signature moulded cup is comfortable to wear with lots of support whether you have natural bust or implants. They also give the flexibility of inserting extra padding to enhance to the size of your bust. We are the only company that asks for off-season bra-cup size because we aim to give you back the curve you had.
  • Pockets in bikini top for extra padding
    Pockets in bikini top for extra padding
    All of MuscleDazzle bikinis  has built in pocket on the back of the bikinis  so extra padding can be inserted/removed if necessary.  We are very proud to say that we provide the most natural enhancement to your bust size with paddings for those we need it!
  • Adjustable across-back strap
    Tidy with across-back strap (Competition Bikinis) Back straps of our bikini tops (unless requested to be decorated with diamanté hooks) are done up by hooking to a loop located just right under your armpit.  It is easy to wear by yourself and it looks tidier than having the connection in the middle of your back.

Bikini bottoms

Two front styles

There are two different cuts to the bikini bottoms. Please choose carefully. It is best to check with your coach or your federation for rules and restrictions of your costume.

  • Scoop – Bikini will look extra low cut front. Looks great with very lean body with defined abs definition.
  • Straight cut  - the most common amongst all competitors

Three Coverage Levels

We use Hooks for bottom strap, easy to wear without getting your bikini dirty with tan!


Even though we try our best in choosing the quality of our connectors, we want you to avoid it from being put on stressed when wearing because they do break eventually with excessive pulling and stretching.


Our bikini bottom straps has hooks and loops so you won’t have to pull it up when wearing which puts a lot of stress into the connector, risking it from breaking on the day.


More importantly, using hooks will avoid the bikini rubbing on your body tan on the day and get it dirty before you get on stage!


Lining or no Lining on the back of bikini bottom?  - No lining and here’s why.

All of our bikinis are fully lined with quality lining material except the bikini and posing suit bottoms. Having lining on the back of the bikini bottom makes it tricky to make the bikini stays in tact when applying bikini glue (AKA Bikini Bite) since only the lining material will be attached to your skin, risking the main material moving around.