Bikini Posing Practice Suit (Custom Color)

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Product Overview

What is a posing practice suit?

Our bikini practice suits are made to look like our normal plain (no crystals) competition suit but include an adjustable waistline and strap length. This means you can wear it for posing practice throughout your comp prep as you lose (or gain) weight. The posing practice suit is custom-made based on some information and measurements we will ask you for.

Why use a posing practice suit?

  • Competition suits can feel and move differently from swimwear bikinis. Therefore it’s recommended to practice posing in an actual competition suit so you can learn the poses, flexes, and moves that work best for you. If you’ve never worn a competition suit before, it is also a good idea to get used to wearing one.

  • We don’t recommend doing posing practice in your show day competition bikini. Like anything, it will suffer some wear and tear the more you use it. Also, if you’re still looking to lose weight before your competition, then you may be putting extra strain on the bikini, particularly the metal bikini connectors.The key benefit of our bikini competition practice suit is that both the suit top and bottom are adjustable. This means you can get used to moving and posing in a bikini that fits well, even as you lose weight throughout your comp prep.

  • Finally, the practice suit is specially designed so you can easily give us feedback on how your sizing is tracking as you get closer to competition day. So if you decide to purchase a custom competition suit from us, then we will create it based on some exact measurements from your practice suit.

How does the posing practice suit work?

  • The waistline of the suit bottoms can be adjusted by simply undoing the hooks, adjusting the waistline, and sliding the hooks back in place at your new size. If you decide to purchase a custom bikini from us, then our sizing process will be simpler and more accurate because you can tell us which button fits best now (e.g., Loop #3) and where you expect to be by show day (e.g., Loop #2).

  • The practice suit top is a molded cup with an adjustable drawstring. This allows you to adjust the distance between the cups as your body and bust change during comp prep.

  • The practice suit top also has a pouch for extra padding. This allows you to keep adjusting the amount of padding throughout your comp prep, as your boob size typically decreases.

  • The practice suit comes in your choice of fabric color, cut, style, coverage level, and bikini connectors. So if you decide to purchase a competition suit from us closer to your competition, then you’ll already have a good idea of how it will look and feel. Also, if there’s anything you want to change or improve, you can just let us know, and we’ll make it happen when we create your custom bikini.

What happens when I order my posing practice suit?

  • You can purchase your posing practice suit from this page. After the order is received, we’ll contact you for some sizing information and measurements.

  • If you want us to make your competition suit, then contact us a few weeks out from your show, and we can create your custom bikini based on the sizing details from your bikini practice suit.