As a competitor, you know that the perfect suit will give you the confidence you need to look at your best and standout in the line up. However, more importantly, the right bikini / posing suit can hide flaws and accentuate your strongest features.  

After all the hard trainng, discipline and dieting for many months or even years, we understand that it is extremely important to choose the proper bikini / posing suit to display your body to it’s fullest potential.  

Deciding on a bikini or posing suit can be stressful because there are thousands to choose from. There are five things you must definitely keep in mind when narrowing your choices.  


Things you should consider:

  1. Which federation or organization are you competing with and what are the rules and regulations?
    Each federation of ten has specific rules and regulation on the cut and style of the bikinis that you must know and follow so you are not disadvantaged or even disqualified on they.  After all the hard work, it would be extremely disappointing to place lower because the published rules were not followed.

  2. What division are you competing in? 
    Bikini division in particular, is often sub-divided into multiple classes or categories e.g. Bikini Diva, Bikini Model, Fitness Models. The names could also be specific to the federations. It is important that you know what they are called and what the differences are and choose to compete in the category or division that suit you bes.

  3. What are your body’s strengths and weaknesses?
    It is extremely important that you know your body’s strengths and weaknesses in order to accentuate the positives. For instance, if you are shot-waisted, you will consider having to waist adjusted a little lower to give the illution of longer waist.

    Conversely, if you are long-waisted, you can have the waist adjusted slightly higher to give the highly illusion of a more proportioned waist line.

    Scars and tattoos are also worth taking into consideration when determine the best cut. Custom-made bikinis or suit can easily help minimizing the visibility of the scars or tattoo if they are located on the area that could be covered up.


What color bikini or posing suit is best suit your hair, skin and body type?

Typically, hair and eye color will be the strongest determining factors in your choice of suit color because everyone’s skin is so dark and almost the same for a competition.  Almost all natural skin tone will be camouflaged.  However, different tanning products will give different tone the skin, no matter how dark.  You should know if you will be more gold, brown or red.  It is highly recommended that you do a trial tanning prior to competing especially when you are competing for the first time or thinking of changing tanning product.

You should keep in mind that your body is the showcase even though you want to be standing out in the lineup. Don’t let the color of the bikini or posing suit be the first thing to rely on when it comes to drawing attention from the judge. Remember there are other things like you hair, makeup, how you walk and hold yourself, postures etc that you could work on and be best at.

Here are some examples of good matches:

Hair color

  • Red Hair -The warmer tones usually compliment red hair best.  Consider browns, tans, greens, teals, red/orange tones and burgundies.
  • Blonde and platinum hair - Having this hair color offers the unique ability to wear gold or silver well.   It also goes well with coral, hot pink, red, turquoise or aqua and blue tones.
  • Brown and black hair - In order to balance out the darkness on the top, those with dark hair will do best going with a medium to dark color bikini or posing suit.  Tones of red, from lipstick to burgundy, royal blues and navies, plums and purples would will also be suitable.

Eye color

When you are up on stage, your eye color is not as noticeable as your hair. We would recommend considering your hair color first then eye color.

Skin color

Women with dark skin:  Richer tones would work well for you such as reds and deep pinks.  In addition, brights such as corals would also be very flattering.  Blacks and browns would not be the best choice for you.

Please keep in mind, that these are only guidelines. If you are not comfortable wearing certain colors, don’t choose it.  Your preference and what makes you feel most confident is of primary importance.

To help your decision, here are our model bikinis grouped by color: red, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow. Or you can see our full range of Ombre Competition Bikinis on one page.

And here are our figure suits grouped by color: red, purple. Or check out which figure suit designs are hot right now.


The highest quality crystals will provide the best stage sparkle.  We embellish our suits with only high quality crystals. 

The price increases as the number of crystals and color of crystals increases and the designs become more intricate as application of the crystals is extremely labor intensive.  

Also,  we continually produce new crystal designs that will be appealing to the most discerning competitor.


Determine your budget before choosing a suit.  Fit, however, should be your main objective.  Any custom suit you purchase from us will guarantee fitting whether it’s $200 or $2000 because it is made to your measurements and specifications.   

Customer  Service

Your bikini or suit maker should offer the highest level of client service, a willingness to listen to your needs and wishes, the knowledge to answer your questions and make the best recommendations for you, a passion for creativity and the technical ability to construct a quality costume.  Finally and most important, your suit should be completed on time.

Please also keep in mind that it is a challenging task when it comes to providing the right fitting. Not only having to do it remotely, we are relying on you when it comes to reaching your aimed physical condition. Therefore, it is important that you allow plenty of time to make a correction for when your bikini doesn’t fit perfectly.