Things to Consider When Ordering Your Bikini

Things to consider when ordering your competition bikini.

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Muscle Dazzle understands that choosing the correct bikini to display your body to its fullest potential is extremely important. Especially after all those months of hard training, discipline and dieting.

Choosing the right suit will give you the confidence to look at your best and stand out in the lineup but, more importantly, the perfect bikini will actually accentuate your strongest features and hide your flaws. To make that process easier, we've come up with quick things to keep in mind to narrow down your choices.

Cuts & Styles

We have a few options for you to choose from. Please take your time reading through so you can confidently choose the suit that will look best on you.

Hair Color

  • Brunette & black hair - In order to balance out the darkness, those with dark hair will be best sticking to a medium to dark color bikini. Red tones, from lipstick through to burgundy, royal blues and navy, plums and purples are also suitable.

  • Red hair - Warmer tones compliment red hair best. Consider browns, tans, red/orange tones and burgundies. Conversely, greens and teals make a great contrast against red hair.

  • Blonde and light color hair - Blonde and light hair offers the unique ability to wear gold or silver well. It also goes well with coral, hot pink, red, turquoise or aqua and blue tones.

Skin & Eye Color

Typically, hair and eye color will be the strongest determining factors for bikini color but don't forget that, on the day, your skin tone will be many shades darker than normal. This provides a little more flexibility in choosing the right suit color. Please remember that different tanning products give different skin tone, so you should test your tanning product to see if your skin tone will be more gold, brown or red.

When you're on stage, your eye color is not as noticeable as your hair. We'd recommend considering your hair color first, then eye color.

Please bear in mind that these are only guidelines. If you are not comfortable wearing certain colors, don't choose them. The color, cut and style which make you feel most confident are the most important factors.

To help your decision, here are our model bikinis grouped by color:

Or you can see our full range of Ombre Competition Bikinis on one page. If you are on a budget and wish to look for non-decorated competition bikinis, then take a look at our affordable range.

Your Division

Federations often have specific rules and regulations regarding the cut and style of bikini. Knowing these rules is essential as breaking them could, unfortunately, result in disqualification. After all your hard work, it would be awful not to place, so researching your division's rules is not only important… it's essential.

Your Federation's Rules & Regulations

Bikini divisions are often subdivided into multiple classes or categories e.g. Bikini Diva, Bikini Model, Fitness Models. The names could also be specific to the federations. It is important that you know the differences are and that you choose to compete in the category or division that suits you best.

What Are Your Body's Strengths And Weaknesses?

In order to accentuate your body's positives, it is vital that you know your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you have a short waist, you should consider having the bikini waist adjusted a little lower to give the illusion of a longer waist. Conversely, if you have a long waist, you can have the waist adjusted slightly higher to give the illusion of a more proportioned waistline.

Scars and tattoos are also worth taking into consideration when determining the best cut for you. Custom-made bikinis or suits can help cover or minimize a scar or tattoo's visibility.

Your comfort level

Hundreds of female competitors, male judges, promoters, friends and family will see you on competition day and strangers may also see your photos online, meaning stage presence and confidence is a must. Some girls, however, can be self-conscious about showing their booty! If you're at all shy about showing your butt, we recommend you go for The Moderate Cut or The Cheeky Cut.

Your Experience

If you are competing at national level, you most likely will want to go with The Pro Cut or even The Micro/Scoop Cut. For first time competitors, unless you're comfortable with the amount of coverage, we tend to not recommend this cut as they are very revealing and can be overwhelming for your first show.