How to Work Out Your Posing Trunks Size

To work out your posing trunks size, please take the WAIST MEASUREMENT by following the below instruction then use the size guide table to determine your size.

How to Take Waist Measurement

How to take waist measurement for posing trunk order
  1. Place the tape measure at the hip bone level. The tape shouldn't be too loose or too tight.
  2. Take the reading and work out your anticipated waistline.
  3. Use the figure to work out the size of your trunks from the size guide below. If your measurement falls between 2 sizes, take a bigger size.

Posing Trunk Size Guide

Note: If your measurement falls between 2 sizes, we recommend taking the larger size.

Trunk SizesMeasurement in InchesMeasurement in CM
Small 27-30 68-76
Medium 31-34 79-87
Large 35-38 90-98
Extra Large 39-42 99-108