When To Order


When Should I Order my Bikini Competition Suit or Figure Suit?

Generally we recommend ordering about 7 weeks out from your competition, however, it does depend on how confident you are in achieving your expected stage weight. Because competition bikinis and figure suits need to fit on the day of your competition (rather than when you order) we need to carefully consider your expected stage weight.

Basically the best time to order depends on how confident you are about what your stage weight will be.

When should I order if I am not confident where my stage weight will end up?

If you have not competed before or you are simply not confident where your stage weight will end up then we recommend waiting til about 7 weeks out from your competition before ordering. Its normal not to be near your expected comp weight at 7 weeks out, but hopefully you will be getting a clearer idea where you are heading. If youre still unsure perhaps ask your coach, trainer or friends.

For most of the season we try to have custom-made crystal bikinis and figure suits delivered to our clients in about 4 weeks. The extra 3 weeks is a useful buffer:

  • If the postal service takes a little longer than usual; or
  • If there is an issue with the order that needs fixing up. It is unlikely that there will be a problem but it is always a good idea to have some extra time up our sleeve so we can make necessary adjustments and get it back to you in enough time.

Non decorated competition bikinis typically take less time to make than crystal bikinis and figure suits. Ordering 6 weeks out from your competition is fine for non decorated bikini competition suits.

When should I order if I am confident I will achieve my forecast stage weight?

If you have competed before then you probably have a pretty good idea about where your weight will end up. The bottom line is… if youre fairly confident of achieving your forecast stage weight then its ok to order at any time.

We have many clients who order their bikini competition suits up to 3+ months out from their comps. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your bikini is sorted and one less thing to worry about. Alternatively you can wait til closer to the comp date (say 7 weeks out) just to see how your body is tracking. Its up to you.

If you do place your order early, say 3 months out, we will ask you if youd prefer we make and ship your order straight away or wait til we get a little closer to your comp.

Is there a Cut Off Date for Orders? 

Yes, we are currently not accepting orders for competitions that are less than 6 weeks away. So if your show is 6 weeks away or earlier then unfortunately we are unable to accept your order this time. 


Any questions at all, please use our Contact Us page or facebook.com/MuscleDazzle. We're always happy to chat!